Friday, September 9, 2011


My first brown egg was laid today by Comet. I was out at the coop this morning adding a plant to my window box and I heard her making a different sound. I could see her inside on the perch and then got into a nesting box. She got out and went back outside. A while later she was back in there and so was Pop our rooster. She got back into the nesting box and he joined her. Since when do roosters get in with the hens?
Anyway, by then I had already taken the straw out of the coop and nesting boxes. It was clean out time. But since she seemed serious about something I put straw back into one of the boxes "just in case". She stayed in the nest so I went out and closed the door behind me. Went in for some lunch and guess what I had when I got back? A beautiful brown egg! It made me so happy. Isn't she a beautiful hen? I just had to show her off. Now I have two layers.

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  1. What an exciting day! I can't wait til my first egg. It's been many years since I had chickens and collected my eggs every morning and evening. Comet is a pretty chicken. It's nice that she feels comfortable enough with you that she would get in the nest box while you we're inside cleaning. So funny that she also got the moral support from your rooster too, LOL!